Meet the Team!

Doc – The Code Whisperer

Meet Doc, the whimsical wizard of the development realm at KeySea. When he isn’t busy concocting digital elixirs or decoding the mysteries of the blockchain, he’s likely immersed in a virtual reality game or arguing with his smart home devices. Doc believes that a good day starts with a clean code and ends with a bug vanquished. His quirky humour and endless repository of sci-fi movie references keep the codebase lively and the dev team entertained. With a keyboard as his wand and a mind that operates faster than his code compiler, Doc is the precursor of code magic at KeySea.

Maverick – The Deal Dynamo

Strap in because when Maverick is at the helm of marketing, partnerships, and business development, it’s nothing short of a thrilling ride. Maverick has a knack for turning handshakes into partnerships and conversations into opportunities. With a mind as sharp as his wardrobe and a charm that could convince a cat to buy dog food, he navigates the business battlefield with an almost supernatural ease. Maverick’s idea of a casual Friday involves closing deals, brainstorming the next big marketing blitz, and occasionally challenging the office to impromptu karaoke battles. His catchphrase? “In the world of business, I fly solo only by name, but with a team, we soar.”