1. What is KeySea?

  • KeySea is a unique online platform that connects users based on shared interests and keys, facilitating engagement in specific chat rooms.

2. How do I get started with KeySea?

  • To get started, sign up on the KeySea website, create a wallet, and link your Twitter account for an integrated experience.

3. What are Certified Keys?

  • Certified Keys are unique keys that grant access to specific chat rooms on the platform, enabling users to engage with like-minded individuals.

4. What are Fan Keys?

  • Fan Keys are special keys designed for groups of people who share a common passion, allowing them to come together in the same chat room.

5. How do I acquire keys?

  • Keys can be acquired after the mint of your personal key, and may be bought, sold, or given on the platform.

6. What is the purpose of the referral system?

  • The referral system rewards users with REP points for inviting new users to the platform, improving their rank for the upcoming Token distribution.

7. How do I earn REP points?

  • REP points are earned by referring new users to KeySea and through the trading activities (buying/selling keys) of the referred users.

8. What is the significance of REP points?

  • REP points help improve a user's rank on the leaderboard, which is crucial for the Token distribution event at the end of the current era.

9. What is the TOTES TOKEN (TIDES)?

  • TIDES is the native Token of KeySea, with utility across various services on the platform and a portion allocated for distribution among users.

10. How will TIDES be distributed?

A portion of TIDES will be distributed among KeySea's users, especially favoring top leaderboard positions, with specific distributions occurring monthly.

11. How is the liquidity pool for TIDES funded? - The liquidity pool for TIDES is funded from at least 40% of the fees raised before the token’s launch.

12. What is the concept of an era on KeySea? - An era refers to a specific time period that concludes with the release of the KeySea Token, marking a phase of Token distribution.

13. How are chat rooms created? - Chat rooms can be created by users with specific keys, facilitating communities around various topics, artists, or hobbies.

14. How do I join a chat room? - By acquiring or being given a key, the corresponding chat room will appear in your list of available chat rooms, allowing you to join seamlessly.

15. Is KeySea safe to use? - Yes, KeySea prioritizes user safety and privacy, with encrypted conversations and no sharing of personal information with third parties.

16. How do I report inappropriate behavior or content? - Inappropriate behavior or content can be reported using the "Report" button in the chat room or by contacting KeySea support.

17. Is there a mobile app for KeySea? - A mobile app for KeySea is in development and expected to be released in the coming weeks.

18. How can I contact KeySea support? - KeySea support can be reached through the "Contact Us" section on the website.

19. How do I customize my chat room? - Currently, chat room customization is not available but is a feature KeySea is working on for future updates.

20. How do I improve my rank on the leaderboard? - Your rank on the leaderboard can be improved by earning REP points through the referral system and the trading activities of referred users.

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