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Being a remote team means that team members are either working from home or from a co-working space.

Whether you decide to work from home or from a co-working space, we value the balance between private and professional life.

Working hours

We encourage any working hours that are applicable to you, you know how to structure your day.

Etiquette Practices

We hire folks from many different cultures, from all across the world, making aspects of work uniquely challenging. These challenges include the obvious like collaborating across time zones, and arranging offsites; but also the less obvious like respecting pronouns, pronouncing names, and respecting gender identity.


Creating rituals might help you in your remote working life. As usual with rituals small ones are the most effective ones such as not working (or only working!) in your pyjamas, wearing work shoes to start the day, taking your work-cup to drink coffee/tea, setting yourself in front of a proper desk or in a specific space at home.

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