REP Points

KeySea has introduced a new referral program to reward users for expanding the community. Through this program, users can generate REP points by referring others to join the platform using their unique referral link. The referred individuals will contribute to the referrer's REP points tally whenever they buy or sell keys on the platform.

The accumulation of REP points is crucial in improving a user's rank position as the current era progresses. In this context, the term "era" refers to a specific period that concludes upon the release of KeySea's native Token. The impending release of the Token marks the end of the current era, transitioning the platform into a new phase of its development.

One of the significant highlights of the era's conclusion is the Token distribution event, where a portion of the Tokens will be airdropped to users occupying the top positions on the leaderboard, which is determined by the accumulated REP points. The precise details regarding the end of the era, the tokenomics of the Token, and the specifics of the airdrop will be announced in due course. However, users are encouraged to share their referral codes and earn REP points to improve their rank and eligibility for the airdrop.

The referral program not only incentivizes user engagement and platform growth but also enriches the community-centric ethos of KeySea, promoting a collaborative and rewarding user experience.

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