Referral System

Our Focus

The Referral System is a robust feature introduced by KeySea to promote community expansion and user engagement. Through this system, existing users can invite new individuals to join the platform using a unique referral link. This helps in growing the KeySea community and rewards the referring users through the accumulation of REP points.

Here's how the Referral System operates:

  1. Referral Link: Each user is provided with a unique referral link which can be shared with others. When a new user joins KeySea using this link, they become a referred user.

  2. Earning REP Points: The referring user earns REP points whenever the referred users buy or sell keys on the platform. These points contribute to the referring user's rank on the leaderboard, which is crucial for the upcoming Token distribution event.

  3. Leaderboard and Ranking: Accumulating REP points improves the user's rank on the leaderboard. The higher the rank, the better the position to receive a portion of the Tokens during the airdrop event at the end of the current era.

  4. Token Distribution Event: The end of the current era, marked by the release of the KeySea Token, will feature an airdrop event where Tokens will be distributed to the top-ranking users on the leaderboard based on their accumulated REP points.

  5. Continuous Engagement: The Referral System encourages continuous engagement and the sharing of the platform, as users can keep earning REP points by referring more users and their trading activities.

The Referral System is a testament to KeySea's commitment to creating a rewarding and collaborative environment where users are incentivized to contribute to the platform's growth and community engagement.

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