TIDES Airdrop

TIDES is set to be the native Token of KeySea, embodying a significant element of the platform's ecosystem. The utility of TIDES will extend across various services that will be introduced on KeySea in the forthcoming periods. The token is designed to integrate seamlessly with the platform's operations, enhancing the overall user experience.

Here are the critical aspects of the TOTES TOKEN (TIDES):

  1. Utility: TIDES will play a pivotal role in almost every service introduced on KeySea, establishing itself as an integral part of the platform's utility framework.

  2. Initial Distribution: A considerable portion of the token distribution will be allocated to KeySea's users, with a preferential allocation to those in the top positions on the leaderboard. The exact percentage of this allocation is to be announced (TBA).

  3. Monthly Chart and Distribution: A monthly chart will be established after the initial distribution. At the end of each month, a specified amount of tokens will be distributed among the top-ranking positions on the leaderboard. The exact number of positions and tokens to be distributed will be announced (TBA).

  4. Liquidity Pool Funding: The liquidity pool for TIDES will be seeded with at least 40% of the fees accrued before the token's launch, ensuring a stable and robust liquidity framework for the token.

  5. SocialFi Token: TIDES aspires to be among the pioneering "SocialFi Tokens" in the scene, bridging the gap between social interactions and financial incentives on the KeySea platform.

The introduction of TIDES is a testament to KeySea’s innovative approach towards creating a harmonized ecosystem where social engagement and financial incentives coexist and thrive.

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