Certified Keys

Certified Keys are a fundamental aspect of the KeySea platform, which operates on the Linea blockchain. These keys serve as a gateway for users to connect with others based on shared interests and topics. After the personal key's creation, users can acquire Certified Keys, which grant them access to specific chat rooms. By acquiring a Certified Key, the corresponding chat room will appear in the user's list of available chat rooms, enabling them to join and engage with like-minded individuals.

Trading Certified Keys on the platform incurs a fee, of which 5% is allocated to the creator of the key, and another 5% is allocated to the platform. This fee structure contributes to the sustainability of the platform and rewards creators for their contributions to the community.

The concept of Certified Keys elevates the community-building aspect of KeySea, ensuring that users are always in the proper conversation with others who share similar interests. Certified Keys maintain exclusivity and relevance to their topics or interests, fostering a conducive environment for meaningful interactions and discussions.

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