Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms are the cornerstone of the KeySea platform, providing a space for users to engage in discussions and interact with others who share similar interests. The entry to these chat rooms is facilitated by the acquisition of Certified or Fan Keys, each tailored to different community dynamics.

Upon the mint of a personal key, users can acquire Certified or Fan Keys to gain access to specific chat rooms. Once a key is acquired or received, the corresponding chat room will automatically appear in the user's list of available chat rooms, allowing seamless entry and engagement with the community within.

Each chat room is centered around a particular topic, artist, or hobby, fostering a conducive environment for meaningful interactions, discussions, and the exchange of ideas. The platform is designed to ensure that users are always in the right conversation, connecting with like-minded individuals in a secure and welcoming setting.

KeySea prioritizes the safety and privacy of its users. All conversations within chat rooms are encrypted, and personal information is never shared with third parties. Moreover, users have the ability to report any inappropriate behavior or content through a "Report" button in the chat room or by contacting the support team, ensuring a safe and respectful community environment.

In the near future, while chat room customization is not currently available, KeySea is working on improving the platform to include this feature, which will allow users to personalize their chat room experience further.

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