Fan Keys

Fan Keys are a distinctive feature on the KeySea platform, crafted to nurture communities around common passions or interests. Unlike Certified Keys, Fan Keys are not official keys but are designed to bring together enthusiasts of a particular topic, artist, or hobby in the same chat room, creating a vibrant community of genuine aficionados.

After creating the personal key, users can acquire Fan Keys, which, like Certified Keys, grant access to specific chat rooms. The acquisition of a Fan Key enables the corresponding chat room to appear in the user's list of available chat rooms, allowing them to join and interact with other enthusiasts sharing the same interest.

The concept of Fan Keys accentuates the community-centric ethos of KeySea, providing a space where individuals can share, explore, and celebrate their interests in a collaborative and welcoming environment.

The trading of Fan Keys on the platform follows a unique fee structure, with 10% of the trading fees allocated to the platform. This fee distribution supports the platform's sustainability, ensuring it continues providing a conducive environment for community building and meaningful interactions.

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